Dispose of your vehicle the green way

Looking to dispose of your scrap car or vehicle in a way that will not harm the environment?

A & C Autosalvage (UK) Ltd are an authorised treatment facility in Bolton who can handle your scrap car in a green manner

Licensed to recycle

We are licensed to depollute, process and recycle end of life vehicles (ELVs).

When we scrap your car, all of the elements of the vehicle are disposed of without harming the planet.

Your responsibility
As the vehicle owner, the responsibility to dispose of the car in a green way is yours.

We will help you to ensure that when your car is scrapped, it is done so in fulll accordance with the law.

Hitting targets
It is the aim of the government that by next year 95% of a cars weight will be recovered during the scrapping and recycling process.

You can do your bit to ensure that we stay on course for this target.