Frequently Asked Questions

To help guide you to what A & C Auto Salvage Bolton do, we have compiled a list of common questions about the services  we offer. A & C Auto Salvage are one of the most professional scrap yard and salvage vehicle specialists in the Lancashire region. We are not only committed to the legislative disposal and recycling of End of Life Vehicles but also seek to carry out the most ethical and environmentally friendly way to deal with unwanted cars, which include the reuse and of all salvageable car parts and liquids and the preparation to recycle the remaining scrap metal.

If you don’t find an answer to your question then don’t hesitate to ring and speak to one of our vehicle technicians who will be happy to answer any of your queries.

Is it possible to scrap my car without a log book?

It is however you will need to write a note to grant us permission to take your car. You will then have to write to the DVLA to let them know that the vehicle has been disposed. These simple legal requirements of which we can give you guidance.

Which areas do you Cover?

A & C Auto Salvage are based in Bolton but will cover most of  the North West in areas such as Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside.  If you are interested in scrapping your car call us on 01204 3821122 or please fill out  the  form here and we will contact you to discuss whether collection is available in your area.

Do You only deal with cars?

Car salvage is our core business however we will other vehicles such as vans and commercial vehicles. We would also consider any scrap vehicle  and would be happy to disuses whatever the type of vehicle you have.

Do you sell all types of spare parts?

Form our scrapyard in Bolton, Gtr Manchester we stock a superb range of  cheap ‘off the shelf’ used car spares and bargain second hand vehicle parts from all makes and models of breaking vehicles. This includes used engines and gearboxes which all come pre-checked and supplied with warranty for your peace of mind.  Please call us on 01204 381122 with your requirements. Or fill out the Spare Part Request form and we will be in touch with you immediately.

Do you supply any warranty with your used engines?

Yes, all second hand engines and also used gearboxes are pre-checked and supplied with warranty.

Is it necessary for me to drain all fuels and fluids from the car?

No. We are an Authorised Depollution Centre that is registered with the Environment Agency and the car will be disposed of by us as a licensed vehicle dismantler. These fluids are removed as part of the End of Life Vehicle disposal process.

How is the DVLA informed that my car has been scrapped?

When we collect your vehicle, if you have supplied the V5 log book with the car we will deal with the necessary paperwork that will ensure DVLA records the status of the car.

What is a certificate of destruction?

A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) is a legal document issued by the DVLA to prove that a vehicle has been disposed of in accordance to the correct legislative way.

What is an End of Life Vehicle – ELV?

An ELV is basically any vehicle that has come to the end of its useful life.

ELV’s can be divided into two categories:

NATURAL ELV:  This is usually vehicles over ten years old and means that the vehicle that has simply come to the end of its life due to the wear and tear it has received due to its age. A decision is made on what parts are reusable but in the main an old car like this will be depolluted and then recycled for scrap metal.

PREMATURE ELV: Usually refers to vehicles that have come to the end of their life early usually because they will have been involved in a collision or accident and have suffered major panel damage, fire, flood or possibly theft damage. These cars will be given a category by their insurance companies. From these categories we can assess whether to dismantle and scrap the car or whether to sell it as damaged repairable salvage.

What happens to my car once its been collected?

We will assess your vehicle based on some of the factors as stated above and make a decision once we have inspected your car at our scrapyard in Bolton.

How Do you recycle cars?

Using the environmentally friendly ethos of recycle and reuse where possible, during the car recycling proses we endeavour to reuse any good working spare parts whenever possible. Following the safe removal and disposal of any oils,  fluids and chemicals the vehicles are dismantled and the scrap metal is baled ready to be recycled.

Does my vehicle need to be in an accessible location to be collected?

All vehicles will be collected using one of our own recovery vehicles. This means any vehicle requiring collection must be in a position that a recovery van can get to.