Vehicle Disposal

We follow the EU  directive on Vehicle Depollution  whereby vehicles offered for disposal must be handled in an environmentally sensitive manner. A & C Auto Salvage are an Authorised Treatment Facility and that have developed careful step by step procedures to ensure the correct disposal of your vehicles to ensure that you comply with your responsibility with both environmental and vehicle legislation.

Remove Hazardous Liquids

At the depollution bay all fluids are drained safely and environmentally friendly. Where possible we reuse anything we can and the remainder is stored  until they are collected for safe disposal. Liquids that may be hazardous to the environment  include engine oil, transmission and hydraulic oils, brake fluids, engine coolants and even windscreen washer solutions are drained from the vehicle.

Remove Battery

All car batteries are removed, cleaned and tested, if they are in good working order they will be sold for reuse the rest are stored safely until ready to be collected for recycling.

Tyre & Wheel Removal

The tyres are removed from the wheels and stored for recycling. The steel or aluminium rims are melted. We remove any remaining tyres from the vehicle, some tyres aren’t very worn and can be re-used on another vehicle. We perform rigorous tests and measurements to make sure the tyres are safe.

Any worn or damaged tyres are stored and shipped to a specialist handler for disposal

Remove Reusable Engine Parts

Any parts that are useable are removed and prepared for resale. The engine and gearbox are removed from the vehicle assessed for reuse or recycling.

Metal Recycling

The vehicle is processed into a compact rectangular bale and the scrapped metal is then collected and will be recycled.